She sells seashells by the seashore… of Brighton ;)

The Jetty Brighton | Brighton Harbour Hotel, 64 King’s Rd, Brighton BN1 1NA

Sunday lunch

Why would I go to Brighton? Well.. for the beach huts, the seaside, the beach, the seafood, the sunshine, and sea breeze perhaps!

How about a restaurant by the beach with a view of the seaside with super comfy sofa seating, ultra-friendly staff who would explain every dish to you, and a 3 course-lunch with a Bloody Mary for £19.95?


Reading the menu, I immediately lapse into choice-phobia, should I get the scallops, but the langoustine sounds so good as well, or the crab cake. The seafood platter could do the job as well, since I am in Brighton…


Starter – Pan-seared scallops, little clams with smoked califlower pureé, crispy bacon and green apple, and raisin jam!

It surely started off well, scallops are fresh and done just right. There aren’t excessive seasoning – the smoked califlower pureé, green apple and splash of raisin jam gives a refeshing and sweet start.


Main – Grilled duck breast and duck confit-stuffed squid

I got to admit it is not as impressive as the starter, but it was solely because the starting was just a-mazing! The duck breast was tender and the sauce goes well with it. The duck confit could have been more seasoned, but it is on the overall a good good dish.

Dessert – VARIOUS

I did not originally have very high hopes on the desserts, afterall, you normally don’t get superb desserts going with a set menu, but I am proved wrong. There are no ground-breaking combination of ingredients in the desserts, but they have all the best flavour of every ingredient in it and and match perfectly.


Peanut Butter Parfait

Salted toffee popcorn crunch and toasted marshmallows


Espresso Martini Sabayon

With stracciatella ice cream and almond biscotti


Gingerbread and Boozy Plums

Warm gingerbread with boozy plums and crème fraiche sorbet


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