Good EGG?

Bad Egg is definitely a scene on Saturdays at brunch-time, with its FREEFLOW(!) brunch at £35, and you will get a choice of freeflow Bloody Mary, Mimosa or Frizzante (bubbles!), plus your choice of 3 of bad egg’s superb brunch items.


She sells seashells by the seashore… of Brighton ;)

Who could resist a restaurant by the beach with a view of the seaside with super comfy sofa seating, ultra-friendly staff who would explain every dish to you, and a 3 course-lunch with a Bloody Mary for £19.95?

Southern France brunch encounter

Quite distinct from some exquisite French cuisine restaurants, there are no glamorous plating, extravagant ingredients, nor fancy cooking technique (which sometimes, I think, has the sole aim of making food not look like what it really is - it makes a kind of impression, but most of the time, I can’t really see the point). Sardine uses fresh ingredients and concentrates on how to do simple dishes properly and how to do it best. The dishes are simple but to-the-point most of the time.